Colonel Lusia Pengrave

Leader of the Watchers, the military force of Iron Wall.


Race: Human

Class: Warlord

Level: 15


Lusia Pengrave, born 54 years ago, leader of the Watchers. She is stout, strong woman. Always serious and never backs down. Her hair has faded from the coal black to an ashen gray. Heavy lines cross in her and various scars adorn her aged face. Crystal blue eyes have that thousand yard stare that people who have seen horrible things have. Born in the High Plains of Lanska she was raised to be a warrior by her parents. At an early age, she found that she was leader. As the years past by and she was shipped off to the military, she rose in the ranks to have her own command. War broke her and she left the army. She stumbled upon the Watchers when she was 24, after a brief stint as a mercenary.

Colonel Lusia Pengrave

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